Basic paddles, for everyone.

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The best paddles are reserved for the pros.

The best paddles should be for everyone.

Pickleball is exploding. It’s the number one fastest growing sport in the US for a reason. 

Yet, there lacks an affordable paddle on the market. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re changing that with the highest quality materials available. The paddles are developed using a process of heat, foam, and carbon fiber with a unibody frame. 

To bring you Basic Paddle, we had to cut some costs — and thus, our paddle is basic. Except, it isn't basic. It's anything but.

Our paddles use the latest technology. The shape is a unique blend of the best attributes of elongated and square paddles  to give you power and spin.

Our paddles are sexy - raw T700 raw carbon fiber face with no branding. You wouldn't wear a Harley shirt to date night, but you would wear a plain black tee. (ok, maybe you would — but we can't all be badass). 

Having a Basic Paddle is a tribute to the spirit of the game, and the players who play it. 

We are the game changers. 

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